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So, just the quickest of quick updates to say...


I successfully completed my thesis (all edits included) and presented it before a large audience. Without passing out.

I can finally let myself back onto the internet without worrying that my time should be spent on the thesis and not all the lovely shiny things that so thoroughly distract me when I need to not be distracted.


^(^_^)^ <(^_^)> (>^_^)> <(^_^)> ^(^_^)^ <(^_^)> <(^_^<) <(^_^)> ^(^_^)^
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I'm taking two creative writing classes this semester (one non-fiction, one fiction) in preparation for finishing my thesis in order to graduate next spring.

I was attempting to write a 50 page word fantasy novella, and I don't know how to fill in the pages. I know that it needs conflict and drama. But I don't want to write conflict. I don't like conflict. I like fluff, I like romance. I want to write about butterflies and rainbows and fluffy puppies, with everything coated in a layer of sugar thick enough to give every dentist within ten miles of me a panic-induced heart attack.

But conflict sells.

And gets me an A in my creative writing classes. *head desk*
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So, it was either this or seriously considering seeing some trumped up, poor excuse of a psychologist wannabe who is being paid to listen to me whine about the injustice of being a poor college student, still living with her parents, and working on an English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Not that I have anything against psychologists. I'm sure that they are all lovely people.

Quick aside, yes I know that an English major is not really conducive to finding a job quickly after graduation, but still.

So, be prepared for rants about wayward Muses, the general barrenness of my bank accounts, and a creative thesis that completely refuses to obey me.


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