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Welp, yesterday was crazy. The turkey had to be in the oven by 5 in the morning to be completely cooked in time for the family at 1. I then spent almost the entire morning ironing 32 napkins into pretty designs and then four eight-foot long tablecloths. After that, some of the members of the family that showed up early helped move furniture so we could set up the long tables. Then the food arrived. Funeral potatoes, sweet potato casserole, rice salad, Waldorf salad, rolls, and a ham. We provided the turkey, four different kinds of stuffing, gravy, and beverages.

The actual lunch part went pretty smoothly, although I ended up a little pissed at my uncle and aunt who had brought their foster son with them and then scolded him for not being social enough. I don't know this boy's circumstances, but it bothered me that they were being so critical of him just sitting quietly as he got introduced to 32 people he had never seen before.

And then began the cleaning up. Which took almost the rest of the day. Moving furniture back, vacuuming, washing dishes by hand (since the dishwasher broke on Tuesday, of course).

All in all, a good day, I think. Now, I'm probably going to go back to sleep.


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